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  1. Album Details

    In addition to your list of favorites, We've got just a few questoins about your album order so we can get started on the design. if you know you want to add additional albums to your original order, you can also request that below. Invoices for additional copies will be sent once you approve the final design.


  2. Album Size & Title

    We recommend the 10x10 for most albums. The square size is ideal for story telling, and for allowing images to work across the page - taking advantage of the lay-flat binding and displaying large photos. Vertical albums are more traditional in feel, and will make less use of the lay flat binding.

  3. Cover Choice

    We recommend leather for your album. It gives your album the most premium, classic touch. We offer a wide range of leather styles and colors. Faux leather and linen options are available for those who do not want leather. All cover options are included in the price of your album.


    Please note, We try to keep our swatches up to date, but do to the nature of working with outside vendors for album manufacturing, options, styles, and colors sometimes change or become unvailable without advanced notice. If we run into supply issues with your choice we will contact you immediately to select a new choice.

  4. Additional Copies

    Copies of your albums make great gifts for parents and grandparents. Additional copies of your book are available at 30% of the original price. If you bought your album as part of a collection, the additional copies can be purchased now at 30% off your discounted collection price. Additional copies are exact replicas of your original album. You can order additional copies now, and we will invoice them at the time of printing.

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